Fast Reports


Fast Reports

We offer best-in-class Rapid Application Development to benefit from the tightly integrated and highly powerful FastReport technology.

  • Rapid and reliable report generation tool
  • Create rich and compelling data presentation applications
  • Built-in 3D support for GDI+ rendering
  • Very compact and really fast
  • More subtle and quick to address the needs of the customer

Offshore Filemaker Software Development

Filemaker is a cross-platform database application and a compatible version for both the Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Windows operating systems. It can also be networked to mixed Windows and MAX OS user base.

DAFFODILLS with quality Offshore Development Center (ODC) services has good experience in building robust Filemaker applications globally in India, UK, USA, Dubai, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, The Netherlands & South Africa. We have listed few of the major skill sets that we excel in. We had developed / implemented successfully filemaker applications to our clients with the standalone solutions. You do not need the filemaker software to run our applications. We have developed filemaker applications with online MySQL database as backend & filemaker application as front end.

Outsource Filemaker Software

We have developed shopping cart websites in PHP Programming with Filemaker as backend. We have developed filemaker applications with XML importing from online with the help of XLST. DAFFODILLS has developed some of the new products using Filemaker namely DAFFODILLS SmartHR, which is an useful application for the HR Management to manage all their resumes in a same place, converting the candidates into employees, maintaining training record & having reports for each module separately.
DAFFODILLS has developed some of the new products using Filemaker Applications Development namely DAFFODILLS NMS, which is an useful application for the front office team to maintain their clients, prospects & important companies details. Using this application, they can print address labels which can be used when they are sending the newsletter.

Filemaker Development Platforms

  • FileMaker 10
  • FileMaker 6,7,8, 8.5 & 9 Advanced

Filemaker Programming Skill Sets

  • Filemaker Resource Management: DAFFODILLS has developed a product namely Filemaker Resource Management, which is an encyclopedia of filemaker. It contains the modules namely Glossary, Solutions which are offered in filemaker, information about the filemaker companies and useful images
  • File Maintenance Tools: DAFFODILLS’s filemaker databases use file maintenance tools to maximize database pe
  • Kiosk-based Filemaker Application: Creation of kiosk-based filemaker applications where all menus are hidden useful for mailing list sign up or event registrations.

DAFFODILLS’s Skill Sets in Filemaker

  • Custom Functions: Robust calculations and extend existing filemaker database capabilities with new Custom Functions and the External Function Plug-in API
  • Customised Menu: DAFFODILLS filemaker applications come with customized menus; by executing our scripts, renaming, adding, or deleting menu items or replacing entire menus with our custom choices for a completely customized solution. Our customized menu behavior will also affect toolbar icons, context menus, window options, keyboard shortcuts, and the mode menus
  • Access Restriction: DAFFODILLS’s filemaker limit what users and groups see and do by restricting access to specific areas of FileMaker. You can more easily specify user’s privileges for viewing or editing layouts, value lists and scripts, menu items and more.
  • Conversion to Filemaker: Our filemaker applications with a few clicks will convert your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, tab files, etc to filemaker file
  • Exporting Data: All our filemaker applications have options to export the filemaker data to excel, PDF, CSV and more.
  • Data storage/ Retrieval: You can use filemaker applications to store large amounts of data and retrieve / access the data in a matter of few seconds.

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