Mobile SEO


Mobile SEO

According to the latest survey conducted by Google, it is revealed that more than 80% of smartphone users access internet more than once a day.

  • If smartphone and tablet users aren't finding your website when browsing, your competition is getting their business
  • We create a mobile version of your site optimized for iPhone / iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and other devices
  • Our mobile SEO/web design services can be leveraged on their own or as part of a comprehensive web development project
  • With DAFFODILLS at your service, you'll outshine your competitors on the mobile web

Optimize Your Website for Mobiles

With the exponential increase in mobile subscriber base across the world since recent past, research shows that mobile web browsing will outperform normal desktop web browsing. It is therefore important to have your mobile compatible website listed on major search engines and local directories giving your business a wider reach for your relevant target audience. Optimizing websites for mobile browsers now, can put your site ahead of your competitors; providing an incredible profit.

With DAFFODILLS's Mobile Website Optimization Services, you will be an early bird reaping the benefits of using mobile marketing as a source to market your valued products and services.

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