Achieve your custom search engine requirements with our Apache Solr development services.

  • Consulting & training in Solr
  • Improving performance and scalability of an existing Solr implementation
  • Custom facets & CMS integration
  • Other custom Solr search solutions

Solr Search Engine Development Services

Solr is an Open Source highly scalable enterprise search platform from Apache Lucene Project. Major features include full text search, highlighting search hits, query spell correction, faceted navigation and search, distributed search, database integration, and handling of various document formats (PDF, DOC, RTF). Providing distributed search and index replication, Solr is highly scalable and most popular enterprise search engine.

Apache Solr is a powerful search engine that can be customized to meet all search engine requirements. Solr can also be used to power Web application product and document requests.

Advantages of Solr SearchTechnology

  • Very Powerful
  • Feature Rich
  • Relatively Simple
  • Advanced Full-Text Search Capabilities
  • Optimized for High Volume Web Traffic
  • Standards Based Open Interfaces - XML, JSON and HTTP
  • Comprehensive HTML Administration Interfaces
  • Server statistics exposed over JMX for monitoring
  • Linearly scalable, auto index replication, auto fail over and recovery
  • Near Real-time indexing
  • Flexible and Adaptable with XML configuration
  • Extensible Plug-in Architecture

DAFFODILLS helps you to power up your enterprise search using the flexible and functional features of Solr. We have built many different classes and methods for various types of search engine types and necessities. Our Solr search engine development services are fast, reliable and help you to setup control pagination, filter options and various document types.

Apache Solr Skill Sets of DAFFODILLS:

Our involvement with clients as a Solr consultant generally revolves around:

  • Consulting & training in Solr
  • Improving performance and scalability of an existing Solr implementation
  • Custom facets & CMS integration
  • Other custom Solr search solutions

Our Recent Works that involved Apache Solr:

We have implemented Solr search on Agri & Nutrition based Social networking website development project and also for an insurance based domain. We have used Solr on this service because there was a large amount of data where it was difficult to find what you were looking for, also because of the amount of data it was both hard and timely to actually locate the content you were looking for.

By using Solr the department are delighted that they can now easily index all their content, filter results and drill down stage by stage (faceted Search) in the search results (by Product, Category, location, date & etc), auto complete suggestions for search terms, correction of spelling errors and have a setup that is easily extendable through plug ins and being an enterprise search setup will easily grow as the data and site content volume grows.

Other Examples of Faceted Search Using Solr:

The following are common areas where Solr has been used by DAFFODILLS to enhance the searching capability.

Site News Search - When searching the news section of the site, the user will be able to return results by year, area/region, and category by drilling down through the results therefore getting to the end result more quickly.

Provides numerous tailored and configured filtering options on the main search window via an advanced search link.

We anticipate that the advertisements can be effectively personalized on the site through search using Solr. By tagging content more effectively the search will be more efficient and return the end result more quickly. Because SOLR is an enterprise solution and designed for high volume web traffic and is ultimately scalable for the growth of the site and therefore make any further enhancements to the sites cheaper & simply extending using plug-ins.

Through personalization and by using Solr we can personalize search results based on the user profile. Making use of Solr's HTML administration tools we can get reports and statistics on search terms (index statistics), cache utilization, updates, and queries and see what users are searching for and visually represent this. This will help with tagging future content based on these results.

The search can easily index and parse PDF, Word and HTML content on the site, providing more flexibility and greater results from search terms.

We can make it very simple to merge your existing data and documents into new, faster search engine software application. If you would like to hire our Apache Solr open source developers or implement custom Solr search engine in your pilot project, please contact us.