Training Presentations


Training Presentations

We provide top-notch training presentations that uses the power of various media like illustrations, animations, videos, audio and graphics to give an effective learning experience.

  • Simple, user-friendly and effective CBTs for interactive learning
  • Top quality training presentations that gives visually rich experience
  • Greater flexibility
  • Easily scalable and quickly deployable
  • Reduce training costs while maintaining efficiency

CBT - Computer Based Tutorial Design

CBT's bring in an enriching learning experience as they use multimedia kits to improve self-learning capabilities. DAFFODILLS offers both interactive and Video-based CBT. We can also extend the existing user manuals as Self-learning CBT modules.

Allow your customers to dynamically interact with your company through your marketing presentation on the Web or on a CD / DVD. Interaction encourages the building of relationships. Trusting relationships encourage sales. At DAFFODILLS, Our team provides the latest Dynamic HTML, Flash & Streaming media for you to achieve success.

How can we help you?

  • Enriching user learning experience
  • Streamlining Lowering cost of training
  • Creating standardised learning & training content

DAFFODILLS specialises in Power point presentation, multimedia presentation, flash presentation and sales presentation graphics for business presentation and design presentation templates for online presentation product catalogues, web presentation, marketing presentation, corporate presentation, creative presentation, interactive presentation and professional presentation design services. We have also ventured into Interactive Product Demo Presentations which can be used on CDs or Website in Flash or Video formats.


  • Corporate Training and Education Learning Kits
  • Do's & Don'ts' for use of machines and best practices
  • Product demonstration for installation, servicing and maintenance